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Mimaki SS21 Inks


Replace your SS21 inks with Miamki and save over €1500 per year. A great color fit for variants of the Miamki JV33, JV150 & 300series, CJV30. With no need to flush ink, the plug and play device.

Available in 440 ml cartridges, 1 liter bags or bottles (bottles not compatible with the JV / CJV300&150 series) and 2 liter MBIS systems.



  • MADE in GERMANY with high quality standards
  • Compatible to original Miamki SS21 ink
  • Have higher scratch and rub resistance
  • Lack of unpleasant smell due to use of only high quality components
  • Suitable for high resolution printing
  • Improved adhesion
  • Ingredients and finished ink underlie a strict in house quality control.
  • Due to the better controlled dot gain of the ink, it is possible to achieve higher apparent resolution with less pass count's