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Step into the future of advertisement cutting with JWEI, the undeniable industry leader. Introducing our game-changing innovation, the SCUTTER – a high-end digital flatbed cutter engineered to redefine heavy industrial production.

Unlock unparalleled cutting optimization in specialized applications and witness a surge in added value. SCUTTER isn't just a tool; it's a powerhouse that excels in processing challenging materials. Picture effortlessly conquering thick acrylic, high-density foam, MDF, KT board, PVC sheet, corrugated board, honeycomb board, stickers, gray paperboard, and more, all with the precision of a 1.8KW router featuring an autotool changer and three dedicated tool stations.

Revolutionize your production capabilities with JWEI's SCUTTER – where precision meets innovation, setting the stage for your unparalleled success in the advertisement cutting market

  • Effective Cutting Area. 2500x1600mm
  • Cutting Module
  • Triple universal tools cutting head
  • Camera registration tool
  • Laser positioning pointers
  • Plotting pen holder
  • Tools Compatibility All Jwei cutting tools
  • Max. Moving Speed 1800mm/s
  • Max. Cutting Speed 1500mm/s
  • Acceleration 2G
  • Max. Cutting Thickness 50mm
  • Repeat Precision ±0.05mm
  • Safety Device Infrared sensor, mechanical collision-prevention device