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Inglet InBlade Pro

THE INBLADE CUTTER cuts all the rigid and semirigid
materials used in today’s sign, frame and photo markets.
The reliable linear bearing guide system combined
with the robust structure guarantees an accurate and
smooth cut of all the materials. The interchangeable cutting
head system offers an easy-to-use solution to hold all
the available cutting heads and it is ready to be used by
new tools developed in the future.
Available in three cutting sizes: 165 cm (65”), 210 cm
(82”) & 250 cm (98”) and it allows cutting the surprising
maximum thickness of 20 mm.


  • Interchangeable cutting head system.
  • Double handle system for cutting comfortably tough and rigid materials.
  • Laser Beam accessory to indicate the cutting line which is common for all the tools.
  • Two bearing blocks located on a linear rail for a fast and accurate cutting head movement.
  •  Guided counterbalance supports the load of the cutting head to facilitate the work.
  •  The pneumatic clamping system offers an easy, fast and reliable way to hold the material. 
  •  Telescopic legs to find easily the most comfortable working position.
  •  Easy to set up and to square through the adjusting screw system.
  •  Cutting thickness up to 20 mm for semi-rigid materials.
  •  Can be mounted on the wall or supported by a free standing accessory.


Inglet Pro


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