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Néalú CS3200 : Direct to Fabric Sublimation Printer

Néalú : CS3200

The CS3200 dye-sublimation printer is the perfect fit for soft signage applications, capable of producing finished product with vibrant colours up to 3.2m wide. Using three Epson printheads with a native resolution of 1440dpi and a 3.5pl ink droplet, it produces smooth gradients with its variable droplet technology. The constant temperature curing unit provides stable conditions for accurate colour reproduction. With print speeds up to 55sqm per hour, continuous bulk ink feed systems, and low maintenance cost the CS3200 provides rapid return on investment.

You can only print as fast as the ink can dry. That’s why the CS3200 Series uses advanced technology with multiple drying elements for fast and even linear drying. It heats below the platen to warm the material while protecting the print heads. After ink is applied, the media then passes 39 inches of linear drying area with adjustable temperature settings up to 220°C. This drying process allows the ink to dry by the time the media reaches the take-up roll, even when printing at top print speeds

Delivered with Onyx rip software as standard with the option of selecting single head mode. It offers the possibility of remote trouble shooting and ability to continue printing even if a printhead is damaged.

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