MultiPress MIS/ERP

MultiPress is the MIS/ERP software for dynamic printing and production businesses in various related industries. MultiPress integrates all administrative, commercial, financial and logistic business processes together with production and management into one powerful management system.

In a nutshell, the MultiPress Business Software helps to reduce the administrative tasks and improve your productivity thanks to numerous modules for your specific company. Customer management, calculation package, time registration, cost management or cost price calculation and invoicing are only a few of the many possibilities of MultiPress which help you save a lot of time and money.

Adapted to your needs

If you are a traditional offset, digital, large format printer or a mix of all MultiPress can help speed up quote time while automating time consuming tasks along the process. It’s integration of PDF tool boxes, Calculation wizards based on pdf files, web to print portals and field sales apps ensures you are always ready to respond to your clients needs quickly.

Calculation wizard

The manual method

Based on specific data such as format, number of pages

There are two ways of using the Calculation Wizard. The first is the ‘manual’ method, with which the cost accountant starts from specific data such as format, number of pages, etc. Based on those data and the presets, the wizard will only show the fields that are relevant for that type of order. A full calculation and/or order can then be produced with just a few clicks and without the risk of making the wrong choices.

The automatic method

Based on an existing PDF

The second method is based on an existing pdf. In this case, metadata such as the format, number of pages, etc. are taken from the pdf and filled in automatically. The wizard then automatically links the correct preset to the desired file. For example, in the case of a 24-page brochure, only the relevant fields are displayed. Think of customer, quantity, print carrier, format, etc. The cost accountant only needs to make a few choices, and he’s done!

What about the online story?

The Calculation Wizard can also be used in combination with online ordering platforms. It takes account of fluctuating daily prices, such as paper prices. MultiPress automatically keeps track of those prices and links them to the online platform, so they are always up to date. Of course, the wizard’s automatic presets also apply here. In this way, correct cost calculations become a piece of cake.

An enormous advantage, especially for junior cost accountants, is that the knowledge is in the preset, which significantly reduces the risk of errors! Practice makes perfect, which is a very appropriate saying here. Another advantage is the speed gain. Whereas in the past many choices had to be made, now just a few clicks will produce a quotation. With the Calculation Wizard, we have taken a significant step forward in the automation and industrialisation of the printing business, and we are quite proud of that. It won’t be much simpler than this.

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